Beqi Clothing started as the fruition of a long-held dream in 2000.  On a rooftop with a friend and a comically large bottle of merlot, I decided to make the switch from graphic designer to clothing designer.  I’d been making clothing for myself on and off for two decades, as a love of sewing had been passed down from my grandmother, mother, and stepmother.  At the time of the new millenium, I was a newlywed living in an apartment with a 1960’s sewing machine and the knowledge that I wanted (and possibly needed) to work for myself.  I bought a serger, apologized to my new husband for turning our world upside down, and dived in headfirst.  That was 13 and a half years ago.

Fast forward to the present: I’ve been in BUST, Venus, Glamour, Rockabilly Monthly, Varla, and German Ellegirl.  In my hometown, I’ve been in the Riverfront Times and Sauce Magazine, among others, and interviewed locally on the news nearly a dozen times.  I’ve had the pleasure of becoming a member of the Saint Louis Craft Mafia (our chapter of the national Craft Mafia in Austin), and I’ve had the further pleasure of becoming friends with many of the wonderfully talented and creative artists, store owners, and event planners St. Louis teems with.  Over a decade later, I am happy to still be in business, making Good Clothes for Bad Girls, and loving each and every minute of it.


PS–My husband thankfully hung in there with me, trooper that he is.  Our not-such-a-baby-boy just turned eight, and when he gets old enough, I hope he follows his dreams, too.